Trojan Gala Results @ NAC

Trojan Gala – Sunday, March 9th

Cathal Byrne & Callum Popplewell - Trojan Gala

Cathal Byrne & Callum Popplewell @ The Trojan Gala

The Trojan Gala results have been updated and are now available for you to download. The following Gala results have been added:

1. Trojan Gala Results (Indv) – March 2014
2. Trojan Gala Results (Full) – March 2014

Results can be viewed by going to our Meet News page and clicking on the appropriate link.

If any persons have photographs of their swimmers and would like to have them posted online then please contact us via our Contact Us page.

Finally, well done to all. A lot of  ‘Personal Bests’  were achieved and a special mention must go out to Freja Kavanagh who not only obtained a personal best but also came 2nd in her 50m breaststroke. Well done Freja.


Swim a Marathon – News Update

Sponsored Swim Update

Underwater SwimmingOur Swim a Marathon was well and truly completed. The combined distance from all swimmers totalled 68.75 miles or 110,000 metres. Well done to all and thanks for your participation and continued support. Money raised from all cards collected to date totals – €665

The money raised will go towards purchasing a Swimmers Eye Camera which will be used by the coaches underwater to record the swimmers style, stroke and technique. This will be of great benefit to all swimmers and will help our coaches examine the swimmers progress.

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Club Kit Available to Purchase

Please Note: For all Gala’s it is compulsory that swimmers wear their Asgard Swim hats. This is to indicate who you are competing for and it also makes it much easier for officials, coaches and  spectators to spot you within the pool. More importantly it shows team spirit.

If you do not have an Asgard Swim Hat or club gear please contact Sinead Nuzum and she will be glad to assist you.