Swim a Marathon

Sponsored Swim Sunday 23rd of February from 10am – 12noon

Underwater SwimmingWe are trying to combine all the swimmers lengths together so we can say the club swam a marathon 26 miles.

All money raised will go towards purchasing a Swimmers Eye Camera which can be used by the coaches underwater to record the swimmers style, stroke and technique. This piece of equipment will be of great benefit to the swimmers of all ages and will help the coaches examine the swimmers progress.

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Gala Results Updated

Gala results have been updated and are now available for you to download. The following Gala results have been added :-

  1. Leinster Graded Gala (Full) – January 2014
  2. Leinster Distance Gala (Full) – January 2014
  3. ESB Annual Gala (Full) – November 2013

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Supervision Rota

Happy New Year & Welcome Back to All.

An updated parents supervision rota (Jan – Mar) is now available for you to download by clicking on the button below. Please ensure you review the rota and take note of the dates/times you are allocated for supervision duty.  If you cannot attend on the day or time that is allocated to you then please organise supervision cover with another parent. The swap sheet on the notice board can be used to assist you with this. However, it is the responsibility of the person seeking a ‘swap’ to ensure that their time is covered.

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