New Website Update

As you are probably aware we are in the process of building a new website. Currently our new site is held on a sub-domain which is linked to our new Facebook Page. This will be the case until such time as the web transfer takes place.

We expect the transfer to take place within the next couple of days which may result in some downtime but don’t worry and as Arnie once put it

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Asgard Swimming Club – Upcoming Events

Tip of the Day

To assist you in organising your Swim Galas we have added an events calendar to our website. For those using a smartphone (Apple iOS or Android) you can subscribe to our calendar by clicking on the appropriate button. Calendar buttons This will ensure all future events (yet to be added) will be automatically updated.
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Asgard swimmers start term in winning style

Asgard swimming club has started another new term after the summer break which has already seen great results at three galas held in Dublin’s National Aquatic Centre since we have resumed.  Forty – one swimmers have entered and competed in the Wexford October Festival Gala, Leinster Graded Gala and Leinster Distance Gala achieving new Personal Bests and medals.

Congratulations to Priya Daly O’ Toole, Nicole Devitt, Ellen Keaney, Euan Keighley, Niall Loughran and Jessica Osypov getting gold for their events as well as new PBs. Silver medals were awarded to Doran Daly O’Toole, Lily Devitt, Ellen Keaney, Euan Keighley and Niall Loughran and finally third place were given to Ellen Keaney, Thomas Keogh and Jessica Osypov in the Wexford October Festival Gala.
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