Asgard Swimming Club is eager to introduce more new members to the club and if you have an interest in joining the club or would like more information, please contact the Club secretary or Chairperson or use the contact form available on the website.

Chairperson:Paula Kristiansen
Club Secretary:Caroline Bentley
Treasurers:Liz Clarke, Ronell Lee
Club Development Officer:Paul Joyce
Intermediate Group:Ronell Lee
Junior Group:Gemma Hill, Meabh Connolly
Committee Members:Nicole McInerney and Patrick Loughran
Gala Secretary:Rachel Kealy (Non Committee)
Club Kit:Sinead Nuzum (Non Committee)
Parent Bank Duty:Mary Roche (Non Committee)


Club Children’s Officers
Lorraine Devitt
Fergal Keogh

Note:  Entry to the club is based on ability and assessed by one of our coaches when the swimmer is invited to do a trial. Please contact Caroline Bentley for an assessment date.