NEWS SPLASH – 2016/2017 Season starts!

NEWS SPLASH – 2016/2017 Season starts!


Welcome back to all our eager swimmers. I hope you all had a lovely summer break.

A special welcome to all of our new members and goodbyes to those moving on to pastures new.

Best wishes to Thomas Keogh who embarks on his college days in UCD to study Actuarial and Maths.


Also a farewell to John Murray who has moved to St Fiacs, Carlow.  We will no doubt see him out and about at galas.


Gala Calendar

I will forward this years Gala Calendar – please note some of the galas are not confirmed. I have included the groups that each gala is pitched at eg Otters for Round Robins etc. The gala secretary will email to each group when the gala entry dates are approaching.  All swimmers are encouraged to participate in at least 4 galas over the year.

All queries concerning upcoming galas, events to enter etc. should be discussed with your coach (after a training session) or emailed to


Round Robin – Junior Swimmers

The first Round Robin Event will be hosted by Asgard on 2nd Oct. We will need a lot of help on the day from parents for timekeeping and line up as well as supervision on the day. We will also be enlisting the help of some of the senior squad. We expect ALL of the otters & beavers to be participating.


New Coach

Jen, will be joining the coach team this week. She comes with a wealth of swimming experience and we look forward to having her on the coaching team. She will be taking the Otters A & C squads and Beavers. Remi will be moving to coaching the Beaver and  Dolphin groups.


Surf rescue

Many Asgard swimmers were at the National Surf rescue over the Summer break. They were representing their counties Wicklow and Wexford and did themselves proud with a large amount of medal places won by Asgard swimmers.
Also we had four of our members representing Ireland at the World Championships and they did exceptionally well. They were gold medallists in the Sprint relay and Bronze place for Board Rescue.


Leinster Training Programme  

Those swimmers who qualify for Leinster training will have been notified by Leinster swimming regarding their place on the training programme. Fees for the training must be Paid to Asgard before they will be transferred on to Leinster. Please let me know if you are due to pay Leinster fees.


Community Games Swimming

Well done to all of our members who participated in the National Community games finals over the summer break.


Club Gear

Anyone wishing to order T-shirts, please send me an email with your size. All swimmers should at a minimum purchase a Tshirt and an Asgard Swimming hat  (The hat is compulsory at Galas )

We will be ordering suit suits over the next couple of weeks. I will confirm prices and email details for fittings etc. then.

Also this year we have skins designed and we have one sample pair to show anyone who may be interested.


Pilates Classes / Gym sessions

Over the coming days I am hoping to organise Gym sessions for the senior squads. This will be in conjunction with Pat Byrne , who is a qualified instructor and John Kealy who will supervise the program.
Weights sessions can only be for swimmers aged 15+ . Aerobic fitness for age 13+
Members have expressed interest in trying TRX training . we might see if this can be incorporated as an alternative to Gym sessions for some.
Pilates : Lats year we ran Pilates classes with Marion Conaughton and the participants enjoyed and felt the benefit of them .  If we have enough interest we can see also if this can run again this year.


Committee Members

Please let myself or any committee member know if you are interested in joining the team this year. We have a few members who have completed 3 years on the committee and are required to stand down. This includes our Chairperson, Paul Smith. Also treasurer Anne Brady is also standing down for personal reasons.
If you feel you can help support the club going forward please talk to us regarding the commitment involved.


Usual boring bits !!

Term1 fees are now due, please contact our Treasurer Anne Brady should you require any information.

Places in most groups are currently full. Everyone scheduled to move groups were given preference and new members added after. This did involve moving some training times a little bit and there may be a couple more moves before the term settles in. Apologies if this involves your swimmer.