NEWS SPLASH – January / February 2017

Term 2 is well underway

Gala Roundup

January and February are busy months on the Gala Calendar.

Leinster Schools, Minor and Senior gala had a great attendance from Asgard members, representing their individual schools. Medal winners – Minor Schools Aoibheann Ivory, Senior Schools –  Emer Kelly, Keith Bentley and Dylan O’Donovan.

Next up saw 29 Asgard swimmers in the NAC for the Leinster Graded gala – a great day was had by all with lots of those coloured bands collected. The Leinster Distance gala followed up the next weekend with another 20+ swimmers attending – many trying out those long events in a 50M pool for the first time! Lots of amazing PB’s were had on the day.


Round Robin  – Junior Swimmers

The New Ross round robin had only a few of Asgard swimmers in attendance, but all had a great day.

The next Round Robin is in Enniscorthy run by Slaney Sharks club. This is a great event for those still new to galas – We would love to see lots of swimmers entering this gala. Posters about the gala and entry forms are on the notice board this week. All of our Otters and Beavers should be attending the round robin galas.
Coaches will be telling the swimmers what events to try for this round robin.


Many thanks to those who have helped in the capacity of Team Manager at recent galas. The Team manager is there to help the coach on duty or act on behalf of the swimmers where no coach can attend.
We will aim to have a Team Manager at all galas in the future. Details of the role and duty for the Team Manager will be published on the website and is given to the Team Manager in advance. If you can volunteer for even one gala please let us know when submitting your swimmers entry.


Coaches Corner
Well done to all those who have moved groups this month. A combination of your swimming times / training stamina and factors such as regular attendance are all considered for moving to the next level.
Don’t be too disappointed if you didn’t move this time round, all of our groups have seen a big increase in standards which means you are still doing really well and improving all the time.


Well Done !

Just 2 of our senior swimmers attended the recent Swim Ulster – Dave McCullagh Championships . Euan Keighley entered the 100M & 200M breaststroke, making a B Final in the 100M event and the A Final for the 200M. Keith saw some great swimming competing in the same heats as Olympic swimmers ! He had 4 events over the weekend and made B finals for the 100m & 200m backstroke.

Easter Trip

20 swimmers, coaches and Team Managers will be heading to Limerick for a 4 day intensive training camp during the Easter Holidays. They will hope to do a little fundraising activity before they go to help allieviate the expenses (for their broke parents!)


Club Captains
Elections for Club Captain were completed during January – the senior groups nominated their candidates and then voted for the Captains .
Our new Captains Nicole Devitt and Keith Bentley will be out and about listening to our swimmers and making representations for them to the coaches and committee.


ClubMark Application

The committee are deep in paperwork to get prepared for a ClubMark inspection in early March. Clubmark is a Swim Ireland accreditation for clubs who reach high standards.

Club Gear

All orders made before Christmas have been delivered – Some further orders will be placed this week . We are looking a system to allow you to order individually for Togs  and Tshirts.


Pool Air quality

–          As has been emailed previously , the pool management are working with us to ensure the pool air quality is suitable for Asgardtraining. We need to work together to make sure we are helping to keep the pool clean. Please remind all swimmers to shower before entering the pool.



Usual boring bits  !!

  • Term 2 fees are due. Contact the treasurer for information
  • A reminder of some of the rules which help to keep our swim sessions running smoothly
    –  swimmers should arrive to the pool in sufficient time to get changed and be ready at the start time of their session. It is important to be in attendance for the warm up routine.
    – Parents are requested not to speak to coaches during training. If you wish to speak to the coach with regard to your child’s training, please email and an arrangement can be made.

–          Parents are not to interfere with coaching while a session is in progress. You should not be calling to a swimmer or attempting to distract them in any way.

–          it is mandatory the each parent/guardian makes themselves available for supervision duty. If a parent has a problem covering the session allocated, a swap should be organised. If you are unsure how to organise a swap please email the Rota Administrator at

–          Swimmers are advised to remove all jewellery in order to prevent accidental injury to themselves or others (including fitness trackers etc)

–          Any issues at the pool should be reported to the parent on duty or emailed to the Asgard account so as they can be dealt with in a timely manner.

–          All swimmers should shower before entering the pool.