Asgard swimmers start term in winning style

Asgard swimming club has started another new term after the summer break which has already seen great results at three galas held in Dublin’s National Aquatic Centre since we have resumed.  Forty – one swimmers have entered and competed in the Wexford October Festival Gala, Leinster Graded Gala and Leinster Distance Gala achieving new Personal Bests and medals.

Congratulations to Priya Daly O’ Toole, Nicole Devitt, Ellen Keaney, Euan Keighley, Niall Loughran and Jessica Osypov getting gold for their events as well as new PBs. Silver medals were awarded to Doran Daly O’Toole, Lily Devitt, Ellen Keaney, Euan Keighley and Niall Loughran and finally third place were given to Ellen Keaney, Thomas Keogh and Jessica Osypov in the Wexford October Festival Gala.

Leinster Distance and Graded Gala saw a huge drop in the swimmers times and achieving new personal bests – those were Nicole Devitt, Gavin McInerney and Patrick Keogh and gold was awarded to Euan Keighley. Hard training and persistent goals has paid off and these results have now let them qualify in further events in the upcoming Leinster Winter Championships and the Irish Open Short Course Championships in November. Well done swimmers and keep up with your great efforts!

Over the summer break, Darragh McDonald has competed in the World Paralympic Championships in Montreal, Canada achieving another gold in his pocket for 400m freestyle! Well done Darragh! Darragh has now enrolled in third level in University College Dublin with a swimming scholarship and he is still training hard in UCD with Coach Earl McCarthy as well as at home in Asgard S.C at weekends. Members of Asgard Swimming Club would like to congratulate Darragh for all your achievements to date and wish you best of luck in your third level education.

Recently Asgard Swimming Club has been awarded with the Club Mark Accreditation from Swim Ireland. A national process that Nicole McInerney and the committee has worked on for the past year developing and improving the swimming clubs’ service and quality and in return we were awarded ClubMark SI for the highest of club standards. Asgard Swimming Club also won ‘Best Regional Club of the Year’ for the Leinster Region recently. A huge thanks to all its members, the swimmers and especially the coaches and the committee who has worked hard to bring the swimming club up to this level. We would also like to welcome Gavin McInerney, a new coach for the Asgard Juniors, he is currently a member, swims and competes for Asgard and he is now providing his knowledge and skill to the swimmers himself.

Europa Donna – The European Breast Cancer Coalition celebrated Breast Health Day on the 15th October and in conjunction with this, Asgard Swimming Club has organised our own event – Breaststroke for Breast Health Day. The campaign theme was to raise an awareness of the importance of engaging in physical activity. This event saw over 50 swimmers doing Breaststroke simultaneously for a two hour session of lane training. This was a fantastic success and well done to all swimmers and coaches involved.

Asgard S.C will be having their annual general meeting on Tuesday 5th November at 6pm in the Sports Cafe in the Sports Hall complex opposite the Coral Leisure Centre Swimming pool. All are welcome

Original Article first posted in the Wicklow People, October 30th 2013