Parent Supervision Rota

In accordance with Swim Ireland, Asgard Swimming Club require that all aquatic activities involving children and young people must be supervised at all times.
Asgard Swimming Club endeavors to ensure that the welfare and safety of the child is always paramount. Therefore, where possible, all persons should avoid being left alone with a child or an underage person.
A supervision rota is drawn up in advance and will be communicated to all parents either by way of email, club website or both. A copy of the rota will also be posted on our noticeboard.
We ask you to take note of your times and where needed, arrange your replacement as early as possible. Where changes are made to the rota ,we ask that you update the copy posted on the club noticeboard. Contact details for all individuals on the rota will be made available to our coaching/teaching staff and to those who need them e.g. individual on supervision duty, Club Children’s Officer etc. The coach/teacher must be able to rely on the parent/supervisor being present and on time. Failure to meet this requirement may result in the session being delayed or ultimately cancelled. NB: An individual on the rota is responsible for their own replacement in the event they cannot fulfill their obligation

If you are the first parent at the session, ask for the “Swim Bank Book” at reception, and proceed to the seating area poolside (beside changing room exit). Find the relevant date, note the coaches on duty in the book (and your name). Any swimmers leaving the pool (for break, toilet, injury, etc) should give you their name, write it in the book with time out (and then time in when they return). Reason for leaving should be noted, especially in case of injury, sickness, expulsion, etc. The next parent on duty will take the book from you, and perform the same duties. After the session is over and all swimmers have left for the changing area, leave the Swim Bank Book back at Reception.

  • You are requested to ensure that a parent is on duty before you leave your swimmer at the pool.
  • If you cannot attend the specified session you must organise to swap with another parent. It is entirely your responsibility to ensure cover is provided for the allocated sessions.
  • If you need to request a swap please use “Reply to all” to make sure all parents receive it.
  • Mark the swap on the hard copy on the Asgard noticeboard.
  • If a swimmer is scheduled for a slot that they are not swimming please notify the Asgard Parent Duty email account ( listing the swimmer name and the hours they swim or do gym.
January 2019DATE6-7:30AM
(7-8 Sat)
Thursday03/01/2019Conor McInerneyChristopher Fitzpatrick
Friday04/01/2019NO TRAININGRobyn BrennanSienna Brennan
Saturday05/01/2019Tori RyanCharlie PearseAlexandru Muntean
Gym (Sat)05/01/2019Cara RyanKatherine Baron
Monday07/01/2019Sam McDowellEimear Lawlor
Tuesday08/01/2019Holly KinsellaNiamh WatersEmma Waters
Wednesday09/01/2019Mia KristiansenNed Kelly
Thursday10/01/2019Caitlin KeoghElise Davidson
Friday11/01/2019Sadhbh DolanCharlie BrennanMolly Sheehy
Saturday12/01/2019Harry McGuckinAoibh MerriganKate Seckington
Gym (Sat)12/01/2019Olivia O'DonovanDylan O'Donovan
Monday14/01/2019Lilly DevittStephen BellLianna Bell
Tuesday15/01/2019Cormac CookeMike ConnollyJill Connolly
Wednesday16/01/2019Kyle CapilitanEirca Fitzgerald DeBrun
Thursday17/01/2019Aoife PrendergastSiomha Powell
Friday18/01/2019Saoirse DolanKatie AnnesleyEmma Hearn
Saturday19/01/2019Ellen KeaneyFreya JenkinsonJonathan Nuzum
Gym (Sat)19/01/2019Abby HornerLily Sheehy
Monday21/01/2019Freya MillarRachel MendozaGrace Prestage
Tuesday22/01/2019Sean LawlorAndriy KravchenkoLucy Bracken
Wednesday23/01/2019David BaronTara O'Toole
Thursday24/01/2019Lucy HornerCaoimhe Nuzum
Friday25/01/2019Kirsty DunneCaimin KavanaghFreja Kavanagh
Saturday26/01/2019Noel ByrneLily CrottyDarcy Santos
Gym (Sat)26/01/2019Usha Daly O'TooleDoran Daly O'Toole
Monday28/01/2019Ross O'LoughlinKuba PawlowskiDylan Ryan
Tuesday29/01/2019Maksym Karczewski Emma SeckingtonMaya Gaynor
Wednesday30/01/2019Dara TuinstraEgert Reisma
Thursday31/01/2019Priya Daly O'TooleJacob Fry
Friday01/02/2019Emma KristiansenBeatrice ZuatautaiteSusie Gurrie