Supervision Rota

Happy New Year & Welcome Back to All.

An updated parents supervision rota (Jan – Mar) is now available for you to download by clicking on the button below. Please ensure you review the rota and take note of the dates/times you are allocated for supervision duty.  If you cannot attend on the day or time that is allocated to you then please organise supervision cover with another parent. The swap sheet on the notice board can be used to assist you with this. However, it is the responsibility of the person seeking a ‘swap’ to ensure that their time is covered.

Each swimming session must be covered by a parent on the ‘bank’ and the supervision book must be used to record all swimmers entering and leaving the pool area. We also request that where incidents occur such as a sick child, a fall etc. that these are noted and logged in the supervision book.

Please Note: The committee is not responsible for organising or facilitating replacement supervision cover.  



Asgard Swimming Club Committee

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